Friday, September 4, 2009

O.T.W (Still on the way, and will never finished)

If you see the widget in 'My Finished Projects', you'll find three files with O.T.W-something names. That was my very first project, and still left like that until now...

Back then when I was at my first attempt on using Ren'Py, I was so confused on what story I'm going to write (and still, until now). I don't know how I get the idea to write this thing. Just a flash in my memory, that I was thinking about 'Egoism' before I wrote the story, and yeah, the story itself was about egoism.

The story talks about a man who's going to go to his workplace, and hit by two students. Because of his own egoism, he lost his job. How come? Well...all I can say is: Read it yourself! Oh, right, the story had no choice, so it's Kinetic Novel. Actually there was one choice, but that was for choosing whether you want to read Author's Notes or not.

Background Arts were all photoghraphs, and taken by myself, using my friend's camera. All the photographs were taken on street I'll pass when I'm going to school. Yep, they all were taken in Semarang, in Kalisari and Pemuda Street to be exact. And the school photos were my own school.

Character Arts, there were several characters. I was using 'Wendy' from Mikan, 'Felix' from Tarra-Nakatsu Hua, 'Celeste' from Deji, and one more from Ren.

There were no music for this project, and I was crazy enough to put my schoolname and classname in the project (Cuz for sure, nobody will care!). For many reasons, I wanted to re-work this project, but, you know, I lost my will to do it. So, it might never be re-worked.

In the end, I didn't suggest you to download this, except you're very curious of what a worst story VN could be.

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