Sunday, September 13, 2009

Demokrasi: Visual Novel with Lots of Records

Yep, I'm really sure that this thing has so much records. This is the first Indonesian-language VN, the first presentation VN, the quickest VN I've ever made, first VN talking about Democracy, et cetera, et cetera...(There's much more, if you wanna find out). Okay, enough there. Just a few weeks ago, when my Civics teacher gave us (all students in my class) assignments about Democracy in Indonesia. First, to find a picture that represents it, and we could make a presentation to explain it. And then... you know, I thought it would be great to make a presentation with Ren'Py. I mean, I had learnt all the basics, and for a simple presentation, I thought it was more than enough.

So...after a few delays, I made this presentation only a day before the lesson (I mean, the presentation day), and I worked on it in the evening... So, you know, I needed to hurry...
After searching for a few images for BG in the internet, I must processed them first, cuz the size weren't equal with the window size. And then, for the Character Art, I picked 'Peter' from Mikan. Dunno why, just choosing. For music, I picked 'Illusion' from Alessio, I found the file in the Ren'Py demo (Instant Music, Ha!)

After about an hour working on pictures, finally, time to work on script. I found out that this was not too hard, since I already knew what I was going to say for the presentation. Beside that, I did not use customized things.

And...just before 4 hours of working, this was done! Really done, I mean, already built for distribution. This was my record, on making a complete VN (or, in this case, a presentation) in a very short time.

FYI, I think my teacher forgot about that assignment, and right until NOW, I never show this presentation. But, screw it, then...

Oh, do I need to upload this? Dunno, maybe after I fix the credits, cuz I didn't put credits on the script.

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