Saturday, August 1, 2009

Behind The Script : Crescent Moon

Hey, welcome to the 'Behind The Script'. I made this to place any facts, funny or not, about my projects which is not revealed anywhere except here.

Okay, so this is about Crescent Moon. And there are a few facts revealed below:

1. My Birthday

Okay, to begin with, the first fact that related with this project is my birthday. My birthday is in 2nd of July. And Anne gave the short story at the same day! Okay, the fact is, she doesn't know that that day was my birthday, and she gave it to me because I asked, so, I considered this as a birthday present (Thank You!), and I made the VN as the reply.

2. The 'Illegal' Version

When Anne gave me the story (still, she doesn't know my birthday, until now), she also attached a few songs from some anime. She wanted me to put those songs to the VN. Actually I didn't want to, since these songs wouldn't be legal if I used them in a free VN. Then. finally I decided to made a special version of the VN, which is different from the release version (as you can download them in my earlier post).

So, long story short, I finished the special version. Instead, this was the first version that launched, since I made it before the release version. And after finishing it, I wanted to send it to her. Then the problems came. The filesize is more than 10mb, -this was because of those songs- and the e-mail provider only allowed 10mb of file attachment. I came up with my own idea, which is to separate the songs files from the main files. This worked, actually, when I sent them. But another problem came, she could receive and download it, but she couldn't open it, I didn't really know the problem, so I sent her the release final version, which is smaller than 10mb. She finally able to open it, and said that it was okay. Geez, after all of this, the 'illegal' version really couldn't be launched. I didn't continue checking what was wrong and kept the release version. I guess I really shouldn't work with something illegal, then...

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