Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Continuation of The Project

Whoa, it has been quite a while since I wrote on this blog, right? Nine months. That's quite a time. And now everything is new on my life. New class, new friends, and so on. And there were many things also happened around my projects.

The first one probably is the NaNoRenO. It is an annual contest where people make a VN from scratch in only a month. It was held on March. I showed the announcement of the contest to my friend, and I also asked whether she could write a short story. She said yes, and in about a week, she gave me her story. And there were about three months left.

The first time I read the story, it was a good one, actually. But I thought it was too short. I then decided to edit the story. In my surprise, the story could be a very long story, or a novel instead. Time passed by, and when there's only a week left, I hadn't finish editing the story. I decided to give up on the contest, because school was also getting harder (it was almost the end of the year).

And then, another chance came. Indonesian's VN Forum, VNProject, held a little contest, similar with NaNoRenO, but this one, there was a prize for the winner. I really wanted to join the contest, but there was a time problem. At that time, I was having my Semester Exam, and unable to work on my project. There was no further improvement on the story, so I decided to cancel the project.

When the holiday season came, I opened an old file contained a story from my friend who wrote the story of Crescent Moon, Himeka-sama. When I read it, I decided to create a new project based on the story.

The story was about the friendship of two orphan boys. Well-written, and like Crescent Moon, it was originally written as a fanfiction , now for her favorite boyband. After I edited the story to fit for an amateur VN (changing of names, some places, etc.) , I got more than 7000 words. If I finished this, it will be the longest VN I've ever created.

But, once again, things didn't do well. I couldn't spend my time working on the project since I was at my aunt's house. I was pretty busy there. But I managed to finish translating and editing the story at the end of the holiday.

I started the programming at the beginning of the twelfthgrade. But that was it. I was hardly able to continue working. This year is a lot busier than before. At the positive side, I got a friend who will help me with the Graphics. Asukawati will help me on the CG and Character Arts, so hopefully you won't see a Paint picture on my VN anymore.

But it wasn't easy. As I am facing the National Exam, she is now also facing her new semester at college. And for this project, I didn't give myself a deadline. I think I won't be able to finish this project, as long as I am still at the school.

Last but not least, I hope I can make some progress on the project. And I may not write often here, but I hope I can tell you whenever I get a good progress.



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